Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How To Spend Less Time Following Up With Prospects

Follow up is one of the most time consuming tasks for anybody working with sales. If you ask a hundred salespeople what they would like to learn to make more money, one of their top choices is likely to be this: How to spend less time following up with prospects.Since sales jobs almost always involve some sort of commission pay, making more sales is critical to making more money. Wasting a lot of time on a prospect that doesn't pan out means a huge loss of time that could have been better used getting new leads or following up a larger number of prospects. When sales volume directly impacts your pay, building sales volume is critical. Spending less time following up with prospects should be a major part of your sales marketing strategy. This does not mean doing less work, or lower quality work. Efficient strategies enable you to get the same amount of results in a shorter amount of time.You can be sure that the most successful salespeople do not spend hours chatting to potential customers whose deals eventually go nowhere. A part of learning how to spend less time following up with prospects is learning how to guess what negotiations are likely to lead to a signed contract.Once you learn to judge the customers better, you can apply this knowledge in your job. Being able to tell what kind of buyer you are talking to enables you to spend your time and energy wisely, and eventually spending much less total time on the phone and writing emails.If you have used lead generation software, you know that it can be a useful tool in a sales strategy. Visit www.funeasymarketing.com However, what it does not do is think for you. Smart and educated decisions are key to spending your time economically, and to do this you need experience and training.What this all means is taking a page out of the book of successful and wealthy people in the sales business. The most successful sales people tend to be the ones that move the most of whatever it is they sell. Volume is key, and the key to volume is efficiency.By learning how to spend less time on follow up, you will unlock resources and potential you didn't know you had in you. Using well thought out strategies to portion your time will lead to less wasted time, and eventually more sales. Since making more sales is ultimately the safest way to consistently making more money, you will be on your way to building wealth.

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